Wildfire addresses the risk of homes in the wildland/urban interface to the wildland fire.
Making your home able to survive an approaching wildfire is the goal of the Hazardous Fuels program.


Statement of Purpose

The Homestead Park Homeowners Association is a voluntary group of Homestead Park / Lander Mountain community members organized to recognize emergency issues and develop a cooperative plan for prevention and response within our service area.



  1. To familiarize ourselves with the local emergency responders and associated government agencies working in the Lander Mountain area, to coordinate with and supplement their services.
  2. To learn to utilize all resources available to us and be a communications link between the neighborhoods and those resource providers.
  3. To initiate and sponsor projects to help minimize hazards on private property.
  4. To encourage communication, cooperation and participation in all phases of the planning and management projects.
  5. To provide information to increase disaster readiness and formulate plans to respond to emergencies in ways that ensure resident safety and maximum protection of property.

Disaster Response:

  1. To follow the instructions of and/or assist emergency teams as requested.
  2. To activate a prepared neighbor-to-neighbor communications process that can reach all neighbors known to be in residence at the time of a disaster or evacuation and, as possible, to transmit that information to the officials assigned to manage the event or evacuation.